Software Engineering for Industry.

We have set up a public reading group to accompany our course at Imperial College London this spring. The course is entitled Software Engineering for Industry, and aims to bridge academic research and current industrial practice. If you are interested in software engineering and software development, please join in.

General Outline

This course is about working on large, existing, software systems. It focuses on tools, techniques, practices and principles that software engineers use on a daily basis. We discuss how to successfully build, modify, maintain and grow the large software systems that form so much of the infrastructure of trade, commerce, communication and entertainment in the modern world.

The broad themes of the course include:

The course covers 7 topics over 8 weeks. Each week will publish some suggested reading, normally one academic paper, and something like a blog or article by a current practitioner or company.

How To Join In

Each week, read the suggested articles, and think about the questions we pose. Feel free to use this as starting point for your own reading, investigation and thinking. If you find an interesting article online, please post it to the Slack channel to share it with other people.

For students taking this course at the university for credit, we ask them to write a 300 word "blog-post" style article for each topic, addressing one of the posed questions, or presenting another interesting angle on the topic. If you want to engage in the course fully, we encourage you to do this for yourself too.

If on the other hand, only some of the topics interest you over the course, feel free to dip in and out.

Unfortunately we can't mark work from people outside the university, or offer any kind of certification. This is just a reading group for mutual discussion, learning and stimulation. If you have interested friends and colleagues, please spread the word.

Course Leaders

This course is led by Robert Chatley at Imperial College London (@rchatley), with help from Antonio Filieri, Tim Wood and Andrea Nodari.

If you are a student at Imperial...

You can find full details of how the course runs on internal sites (see Please feel free to engage with the wider community through this discussion group, but this is not the place to discuss assessment etc.